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Professional, amateurs and junior athletes have one thing in common: They won’t be able to practice their sport if they are injured. As simple as that! Following this premise it is essential to stay away from injuries to enjoy and exceed in any sport, at any level.
The SLITES Invisible Training Program is a comprehensive method designed to introduce you to the benefits of injury prevention. It covers every single aspect of injury prevention: from joints range of motion to muscles imbalances, tendon tightness to joint instability, rolling to stretching.
All exercises and routines are designed to do-it-yourself in the comfort of your home or at the gym. The program uses the SLITES equipment designed by Juan Reque.

                     MY VISION
My vision is to help build stronger and healthier athletes. Without injuries a athlete any level will build confidence, will get better in sport and will be happier in life. 

​                   MY MISSION
My mission is to enable athletes and junior athletes to stay away from injuries by offering a comprehensive and diverse online injury prevention program.